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How Can Adapt on a Dime Help Me?

Get Everything You Need To Write a Book & Scale it into a Highly Profitable Income

Income Blueprint

When it comes to earning income from your book, it makes the process so much easier if you have a system that is designed to scale your book into a highly profitable income. We can help you copy our system.

Professional Resources

Lets us show you our tools & treasured resources, we can introduce you to our VIP contacts and hold your hand as you dig into the tools, and resources that will determine your success.

Simplify Technology

New and seasoned authors can struggle with the constantly changing technology. From mobile marketing to publishing platforms, from publicity campaigns to email autoresponders. Use our shortcuts to leap ahead of the curve.

Master Marketing

Lets personalize and launch your Marketing plan from your platform filled with publicity & promotional campaigns ready with perfect pricing formulas that will scale your book into a highly profitable income.





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